January 1st

Happy New Year! (6 Days ago)

It’s January 1st and everyone is trying really hard to stick to their resolutions.  The organic food section is packed and you can’t find an empty treadmill in the gym.  My favorite running paths are full of people in new gear and shoes so bright and shiny they’ll blind you if they catch the sun.  Every year this happens and every year come January 21st, treadmills are available, those shiny shoes have only a few scuff marks and everyone is back to burgers and fried foods.  I’ve never really bought into the New Year Resolution thing (making this blog adventure quite ironic wouldn’t you say?).

As my educational journey has had a very meandering path, I feel like I’ve found something I’m truly passionate about (besides education in general) – Computer Science Education.  Computer Science is the hot new trend and everyone is (and can be) doing it!  With an internet tailored for me (Thanks Google!) I can’t get away from all the new programming websites popping up and new languages/programs available to help you learn how to code.  I’ve been following for a few years and it seems to have grown exponentially in the past few months.

Jan 1

As I continue to learn more in this field, I want to explore and share with others – building a network and sharing information.  I work weekends with Code.org as a Exploring Computer Science (ECS) facilitator and really enjoy that work – so I wanted to take it digitally (this is where this blog comes in). Each day I aim to post something about Computer Science, Computer Science Education or technology that can help all teachers (with a Computer Science spin).

January 1st – An article from Medium – Learn to Code by Coding

Medium is a great publishing website that a few connections recently have posted on, so I signed up and get daily digest of articles.  Come January 1st, a bunch were on coding in the new year (part of the reason I started this blog).  The above article is an obvious promotion for FreeCodeCamp which is another online coding academy, which will work for some and won’t for others – you just have to find the right fit.  I really enjoyed the first paragraph – learn to code by coding.  Just Do It (thanks Nike), applies to more than just sports.  As I obsessively talk about CS, I try to show people little things all the time and it’s do-able!  So I start with the article that helped spark this idea.

FreeCodeCamp Homepage
FreeCodeCamp Homepage on January 6th



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