January 2nd – Scratch

As I started this – I figured the first few weeks would be simple – just publish my go-to’s of favorite computer science resources and call it a day.  This is one of those post.

January 2nd – Starting from Scratch

Scratch is legendary among CS teachers and the basis for a lot (LOT) of introductory programming languages and elementary resources today.  Scratch came from the MIT Media Lab and the Lifelong Kindergarten Group as a way to have simple blocks that you click together and it instantly produces something visual (a huge key to teaching anyone anything these days).  I use Scratch with my 3rd Graders, High Schoolers and even my intro to coding sessions I give adults.  Within the first few minutes you understand what the program can do and how to create something.  Computer Science is a skill just like writing and math, so the earlier we introduce it in schools, the better off our students will be.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.23.52 PM
Scratch Homepage from January 6th

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