January 5th – Google Gooru

Newsflash!  I’m not the greatest.  Tough for me to admit but there is NO WAY I could be the only source of information for people.  I’ve found this as a very interesting shift (for some people to understand) from the one source to all answers (sage on the stage model) vs the newer “resources abound” model (this wacky internet thing).  As a technology coordinator I get random questions all the time about home internet, printer ink cartridges and cybersecurity.  Most I can answer on a surface level, but 5 minutes into the conversation I’d be out of ideas.  People continue to lump all “computer” type things and it’s really not that easy.

However it’s my job to know all the in-and-outs of technology so I rely on a little help from my friends.

January 5th – The Google Gooru

The Google Gooru has been a great resource for the little tips and tricks to help out in making my way through Google products.  Most I understand, but the Gooru(s) always have a nice little post for me to watch briefly that can help (the 6 things from Excel is a great one).  Honestly the Gooru has been a great help to refer people too instead of feeling like I have all the answers – which I don’t and I’ve finally come to terms with that (good thing too before I start having kids!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.21.37 PM
The Google Gooru Homepage – Taken January 7th

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