January 6th – HTML

The power of HTML cannot be understated.  The constant conversation in Computer Science is what “language” do you start with?  Scratch is an easy answer for elementary school age students, but what about a high schooler that is way beyond that kiddie stuff?

The conversation I have 18 times a day with staff members is that “kids grew up with this technology”.  I have teachers shocked how I’m able to guide students through projects using Google Sites or Drive (something they might struggle with).  Well, although students are a lot more adapt at using Facebook and other social media sites, there are certain things that they inherently have picked up from years on the internet.

January 6th, 2016 – Basic HTML

There are a dozen ways and even more opinions on how to teach HTML, the fact is all of them are basically correct, we just need exposure to HTML.  Sites like w3schools and codecademy  teach the basics but all in their in-page editors (inside of their webpage) but you can work with HTML on any computer with NotePad (PC’s) or TextEdit (Mac’s).  However, this post isn’t about that (maybe a future one will be) but this is encouraging people to reach out and connect with their students.  Meet them where they are and within a few minutes of trying to figure out a basic webpage, it will appear in your browser and your students will have the very same excited look on their faces.  Think about having that 10 page paper be a website with multiple webpages as the themes – it’s all just organization and quality of writing.  Have that history essay mimic a wikipedia page with dozens of sources as links.  In our foreign language class, have students make <tables> on conjugating verbs.Hey, you might learn something too…

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.38.51 AM
Homepage of W3Schools taken January 12th



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