January 10th – GIF

Whew!  These post-a-day things are tough.  I thought to myself “Only one a day?  I can knock that out and even get ahead of it!” but here it is, January 21st and I’m writing January 10th.  Something to work on.

One of the reasons I thought I could do this was because of the the power of screencast and gif’s.  A Screencast is when you record the computer screen and your voice and are able to talk through a process on the computer.  This is a lifesaver for a Computer Science teacher, being able to talk about concept and processes that we do in class for students to study at home?  Priceless.  The power of the gif cannot be underestimated as well.

January 10th – gif’s

A gif is actually a series of pictures that the computer creates a “digital flipbook” and it instantly plays.  Think Adobe’s Flash without the expensive software (and the extra capabilities).  There are a dozen gif generators out there (trust me) and I just use one called LiceCap but you can search around for your own. Download the software and create quick visuals of how to save, the steps in a process or anything else that you don’t want to record your voice for a somewhat lengthy explanation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.57.09 AM
Cockos LICEcap home page taken January 21

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