January 11th – Twitter

Trends in the education world aren’t the first thing on everyone’s mind.  Typically a teacher is more concerned with their students, curriculum, changing legislation and the other more pressing issues that come with the job.  So when digital trends come around, it always takes a few years for teachers to “get hip” (that’s what the kids say right?)

Facebook can be made into a page to follow and some teachers have their classrooms setup with that, the philosophy being “if they are on it anyway”.  Gif‘s are no longer just for Meme’s and cat pictures, many educators use it daily to aid in instruction.  Twitter is finally being used to connect with people, but still used to comment on social issues and subtweet #SocietyToday.

January 11th – Twitter

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to jump on social media.  Maybe it’s my generation, but I’m not used to writing about what I’m doing all the time (ie this blog being a few – 10 – days behind) so twitter was never a first priority.  But this year I’ve been trying to get more involved and “tweet” at least once a day.  What’s really great is being able to follow who you want and get great resources from them (two favorites: @thegooglegooru and @alicekeeler).  Both can help in the day to day and help you moving forward.  Progress!

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