January 9th – Convert PDF to Text

Google Drive can be a fantastic tool for any teacher, but not a lot of people know all the ins-and-outs of what it is actually capable of.  I’m finding new things everyday and one powerful tool I’ve come across (and mention a bunch to my teachers) is the ability to convert a PDF to text.

As a teacher I’m constantly looking for resources and most often I find great things online, but they are in PDF form.  Often times I want the students to annotate the text, mark it up and really dig in, but I’m not a fan of the printer which is always: 1.) in use by another teacher with a huge print job 2.) Out of Ink/Toner 3.) Not connecting – so I’d end up sharing with them on Google Classroom or Doctopus but couldn’t have them mark up the text – they could just read the PDF. Until one day, that all changed…

January 9th – Google Drive convert PDF to Google Doc

As mentioned before – you can use Google Drive to store any file, just won’t be able to edit it inside of the Drive itself.  To convert a PDF to Google Doc (using Google’s fancy OCR) simply upload the PDF (or image file for that matter), select the file, and then the “three dots” or More options and “Open with… Google Docs”.  Drive will convert and you’ll have a Google Doc with all the text from the PDF.  Magic!

PDF to GoogleDoc


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