January 12th – CS50

As mentioned before, there are plenty of “coding resources” available today.  Code.org created the “Hour of Code” and everyone started creating these small 60 minute segments but there are plenty of more robust curriculums out there.  I’ve spoken of the online “academies” that teaches you through the platform, but some people need a human being.  Codeschool gives you videos, but the format is still very much produced for the different audience.  iTunes U has given everyone the ability to watch some college level professors lecture for their entire class and it’s been a huge success.

January 12th – This is CS50

One of the more popular iTunes U courses is CS50, the Intro to Computer Science course at Harvard University (and now available at Yale). David J. Malan is a CS rockstar and proves a very hands on practical approach to CS for students just entering the subject area. The course features a dozen or so graduate assistants that tape the lectures and edit them together, so you get a nice feeling as if you were there.  The course covers everything in a simple way regardless of your math background, starting with Scratch on the first day and then building through binary code and HTML to PHP and finally a bulk is spent on C language.  Very entertaining and informative, 2 thumbs up!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.06.42 AM
This is CS50 course website taken January 21st.

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