January 13th – Quicktime iPad Hack

Phew!  This post a day stuff is hard.  I’ve got a ton of resources I want to share, just need to find the time to do it!  The excuse this week: midterm exams and the elementary school play has taken up a lot of time.  However those are over this weekend and my goal is to be caught up by February 1, then try to keep up.

I started classes at Teachers College at Columbia University last night (my 3rd semester) and was instantly reminded about how great it is to be around like minded tech centered people again.  The next two post will be about quick resources I found (on January 26th, but post January 13th and 14th) – again, this blog post a day thing is tough…

January 13th – A clever iPhone/iPad Hack

During class last night we were working on iPads, more specifically iTunes U on the iPad (I’m working to develop a course which will be a later post), and the professor plugged it into his MacBook and was able to instantly show the screen on his screen… amazing!   This is such a help hack for those who don’t have document cameras or people (like me) than make a lot of screencast and want to make them for the mobile devices as well.

1.) Update Apple laptop to OS 10.10 at minimum.
2.) Update iPhone/iPad to iOS 8 at minimum.
3.) Plug in iPhone/iPad to laptop with lighting bolt cable.
4.) Open Quicktime Player (Applications > QuickTime Player *On my machine which I haven’t changed from default*)
5.) Start a new Movie Recording (File > New Movie Recording)
6.) Select the down arrow next to “Record” button to select iPad or iPhone.

Quicktime with iPhone
Pure Awesome – Using QuickTime Player to Connect iPhone/iPad

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