January 14th – Google Calendar

With the Google Apps for Education (GAFE), Gmail, Drive and Docs are probably the most used with Slides close behind.  I’m always shocked when people don’t use Sheets more (coming from a self-proclaimed spreadsheet geek) but COMPLETELY shocked when people don’t use Google Calendar more.

January 14th – Google Calendar

Not only does Google Calendar help you organize your life – but you can instantly share calendars with others.  My wife and I have one setup so I know when she’s teaching classes and running PD’s and so she’ll know when I’m sitting on the couch watching football (#GoBroncos).

In the education world I’ve used these for reserving spaces (the auditorium has it’s own calendar that everyone can see but not edit), setting up appointments (you can designate 30 minute time slots as appointments that people can sign up for) and to push out events in the classroom or community.  An additional great feature is when other organizations share their calendars – two great ones to subscribe to are the Ed Tech Calendar for NY and NJ and the Google Apps Release Calendar (both as suggestions from my Director of Technology).  Once you’ve found the calendar posted, just scroll down to the lower right hand side and click on the “+Google Calendar” icon and you’re set!

Subscribe to Calendar
Subscribing to the Google Apps Release Calendar on January 27th

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