January 15th – You Can Book Me

Piggy backing off “yesterday’s” post about Google Calendar, you can also setup services that can help other view and sign up for an appointment with you.  You can always do this within your organization with the Appointment Slot option and then share a calendar with everyone they can click on to sign up.

Appointment Slots
Creating an Appointment Slot vs an Event
Appointment Slots Pt2
Sharing Calendar for Appointment Slots

But what about those that aren’t in your organization?

January 15th – You Can Book Me

There are a few “scheduling” apps out there that ask for permission to view and create events on your calendar, You Can Book Me just came highly recommended from the Ed Tech community.  To get started, visit youcanbook.me and allow it access to your Google or iCal and it provides the user a great interface to sign up for available time slots.  On the admin end you get to choose how long time slots are, when they start and stop, how far in advance and how much time before the user can sign up.  It worth a try and maybe I’ll start having my wife sign up to spend time with me, yeah, I’m sure that will go over well…

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.40.33 PM
Youcanbook.me Homepage taken on January 27th

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