January 16th – Screencast

There are two truths to teaching today.  The students learn differently (video games, media, instant access to data) and you can’t just stick to the pen and paper anymore.  With today’s resources for teachers you can expand your classroom walls and have students connecting with the class and subject material constantly.  I’ll go over website creation at another time, but one great way just to get something out there to your students are screencast.

January 16th – Screencast

In a previous post I discussed the power of .gifs for educational use and how a quick video over a simple task can be huge.  Screencast allow that, with voice, on a larger scale.  I started creating screencast for two reasons: 1.) My substitutes were always terrible 2.) It was built in (along with a website) differentiation for my students.

Substitutes are often times hit and miss.  When they are fresh out of college and earning some money because they want to go into the profession – it’s great!  They leave notes about who was good and who was bad, how the class went and anything else.  If they are bad, its a lost day.  I hate to lose a day and leaving typed out notes doesn’t help a substitute who is in a different subject area each day.  I created screencast of my lessons and had the students watch and do, much like a few of my classes were.

The best thing about watching and doing is the ability to pause and rewind, review at home, watch it again.  So many of these built in features for video are perfect for differentiation in the classroom – just we could never *easily* harness the video power.

Suggestions for screencast:

Mac – Use the built in QuickTime Player.  Select File > New Screen Recording and be sure to turn the microphone on.

QuickTime Screencast with selecting the microphone.
QuickTime Screencast with selecting the microphone.

PC – There are a lot of other options out there for Mac that you can download, as well as PC.  I’ve used Jing and Screenr(recently retired) but I like Screencast-o-Matic the best.  The features and ease of the program is why I suggest it to my teachers with PC’s.  The best part?  Only $15 to remove the watermark and access to the “Pro Tools” which other programs can cost up to $200.

Chromebook – Recording and saving on an internet device can be very tricky, but is getting smoother.  Screencastify is a Chrome extension that will record your tab and save it directly to your Google Drive.  I haven’t worked with it a bunch, but the 3 or 4 times I have, it’s been awesome.


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