January 18th – A Week With Google Docs Day 2

Continuing with the “A Week With…” Google Docs series, last time we talked about how to create a template.  Today we’ll discuss organization within Google Drive from Google Docs.

January 18th – A Week with Google Docs

I have found that a lot of teachers are frustrated with the amount of papers constantly shared with them by students.  Teachers are an organized bunch that easily lose it when things are in disarray, so when papers are being shared – searching your email isn’t a great solution to organization.

When a student shares a paper, you’ll receive an email (in addition to it magically appearing in your “Shared with Me” Google Drive location) and most people open it up directly.  From there, look at the top part of the screen next to the title of the paper and click on the folder.  This will open up another window which you can select where you want the file to be saved to inside your Google Drive – genius!  I have a few teachers that take the time to open up each email and organize right away before the “Shared with Me” folder is over taken.  Simple organization with only a few clicks more than usual.

Organizing Drive from Docs
Organizing Drive from a Google Doc

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