January 19th – A Week With Google Docs Day 3

Continuing the “A Week With…” series for Google Docs we’ll focus on commenting within the Google Doc to connect with students.

A disclaimer: I won’t go over the typical functions you’d see in any word processor – those are standard across platforms, I’m trying to bring out why you’d use Google Docs over other platforms and what makes it different/special.

January 19th – “A Week With…” Google Docs Commenting

I feel the most powerful feature of Google Docs is the comment feature, it allows you to converse back and forth seamlessly with students and help them to make their document come alive.  The old method was always to write, print, hand it in to the teacher, wait for feedback and repeat – this caused many frustrations as the teacher was often struggling to get through the 100+ papers that were handed in.  I had one teacher in high school that figured out the comment function on Microsoft Word and was able to comment and return digitally, which was great but still not to this level.  Using the comment feature is rather easy, simply highlight (or select) the word, phrase, or paragraph you want to comment on and go to the menu bar and select Insert, then Comment.  You’ll also notice the keyboard shortcut (Cmmd + Option + M) – remember that, it’ll save you time.

Comments in Google Docs
Adding a Comment in Google Docs

The student (or other user) gets an email saying a comment has been added (you can turn that feature off) and they can review is said then click on “Resolve” or respond to the comment to create a dialogue.  Your classroom just got that much bigger!


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