January 20th – A Week With Google Docs Day 4

Another great feature of Google Docs is the ability to Research inside the Doc itself.  Google makes their money by being a search company so a built in research feature was bound to happen.  Google Scholar is another great tool we’ll talk about later, but the research feature inside of Google Docs is pretty robust itself.

January 20th – “A Week With…” Google Docs Researching

When this feature popped up a few years ago, history and english teachers everywhere rejoiced. This make the frustrating hours of teaching proper citations much less painful and smoother in the long run.  Some of the 2nd Graders I work with are using this, and they will never know the pain of figuring out the proper citations (although I’ll go over a few other ways to work with citations.

The Research Tool can be easily accessed by going to the Menu Bar and selecting “Tools” then Research.  From there it’s an easy search and input with citations as footnotes (as you can see from the gif below).

Research Toolbar in Google Docs
Google Doc Research Tool opening and citing as a footnote.

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