January 21st – A Week With Google Docs Day 5

One of the Great things about Google Docs is that the document itself is a website which you are essentially editing with a automatic save feature, then able to share.  The next two post are going to be about making the Document more of a webpage and being able to create a table of contents like Wikipedia.

January 21st – “A Week With…” Google Docs and Headings

I can safely assume most people have been to a wikipedia page.  Wikipedia is the famous online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, but everyone quickly learned the structure of the page with the Table of Contents at the top of the page (after the introductory paragraph) which you could click and it would take you down to the selected section.  Well, it’s not so hard to do in Google Docs and have your students create a Google Doc of a topic with a similar structure and create your own Wikipedia (just be aware of copyrights…)

You may have noticed a section on the menu bar that is listed as “Heading 2” or “Normal Text” or “Title” – those are actually HTML tags that Google Docs built in and you can link to.  Most things will be labeled as “Normal Text” but highlight (or select) the heading in your paper, then select Header 2 (for a higher level) or Header 3 (for one step in, etc…).  In HTML <h1> through <h6> give a default boldness, size difference and anchor to the page – The Table of Contents, when you insert it, automatically finds those headers and creates one for you.  My suggestion?  Be creative with it!  A Google Doc can be really helpful to share for class resources and has the semester goes along, you can easy create other headers as Units or whatever your class structure might be!

Headings in Google Docs
Wikipedia Entry from Denver Broncos to show Headers and Table of Contents

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