January 22nd – A Week With Google Docs Day 6

The headings feature is great and can be used for tons of creative projects, however there is another way to use the built in bookmark/anchor feature to help organize your documents. Being a teacher, I’m thinking about the long “handbooks” that we give to students detailing what rules they are to follow, grading policies, absence policies and the like – shouldn’t we digitalize those so students can click and drag to the section they need? What about just creating a “Table of Contents” without using headers – as mentioned on January 21st?

January 22nd – “A Week With…” Google Docs and Bookmarks/Anchors

Note: I say Bookmarks/Anchors because Google Docs calls an anchor a bookmark, mainly because they want this to be accessible by everyone, not just web geeks like me.

Much like the headers from yesterday, you can link to places on your document.  Yesterday we looked at linking to Headings, which was pretty easy because Google Docs did that for us, now we’ll be able to make a bookmark/anchor where the document will direct to.  This involves a few steps:

1.) Open Document (Duh), and select place where you want the link to GO to, NOT where the link should be (that should be closer to the top of the page in a “table of contents” or similar)
2.) From the menu bar select “Insert” > “Bookmark”
3.) Then go to the top of the document (or where you want the link to be that people will click on)
4.) From the menu bar select “Insert” > “Link” (or notice the keyboard shortcut Cmmd+K – on a Mac) OR Type the word, and select it to add a link to it.
5.) Type in the text you want and now notice the new selection “Bookmarks” with a triangle/arrow, click the arrow and you have the bookmarks you’ve made in your document and can link to them!

Bookmarks as Links in Google Docs
Insert a bookmark and then create a link to it!

Your students will love not having to scroll and soon you’ll ask: why doesn’t everyone organize a document like this?



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