January 23rd – A Week With Google Docs Day 7

As I conclude the first “A Week With…” series, I’d like to hear from people what they thought. Was it helpful? Did you like the format? I figured I could do a couple of back to back daily articles on a topic so it might be easier to follow – let me know in the comments section below!

The final tool I’d like to introduce you to (there are plenty more that might show up – but I think the tools shown will give you a good basis) is the Revision History

January 23rd – “A Week With…” Google Docs and Revision History

The instant that I bring up “collaborative learning” and “sharing documents” the skeptical teachers ask “But isn’t that cheating?”.  First, week shouldn’t be creating assignments where there is one right way and students can cheat, but thats a different day/post/philosophical conversation. Second, we have this great safeguard called “See Revision History” which we can see all the changes made to the document, including when something is added (like copy and pasted from a source) or deleted (like another students name – yes it happened once).  Simply open the document, go to the menu bar to File > See revision history (it’s a long keyboard shortcut – might want to skip remembering that one).  On the right side you’ll see the authors and different colors highlighting what they’ll contributed to the document and you can freely click around to see changes without changing the document until you select the “Restore this Revision” button.

Now you can track changes and catch students in the act! Even better?  Show it to them first to show that you know the system so they can’t cheat it!

Revision History in Google Docs
Revision History of Sample Document

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