January 24th – Live Binders

Although the “A Week With…” series is done, I’m continuing the theme and going to introduce you to Live Binders which are great to use with Google Docs.

One of the greatest programs invented is Microsoft’s One Note. Feel free to read that line again. The one stop “notebook” for everything, sounds, pictures, videos, text, drawing – is amazing. However, Microsoft can’t figure out how to capitalize on it. It works great on the new Surface Pro, but with a majority of the world (right now) still using laptops, that doesn’t help us. Well, one great thing about One Note is the tabs feature, this allows you to multiple documents within the same (much like a web browser) and other companies have struggled to figure out how to copy that. In steps Live Binder – with a little hack, it can work very similar to One Note.

January 24th – Live Binders

Live Binder is a free sign up and a very powerful program. Although I like and use it for the purposes of Google Docs, you can use any website as each of the tabs. In Live Binder, you have a collection of tabs on a page, and each is a separate URL. Seems simple, but truly brilliant when you have a Google Doc for each unit you teach, Live Binder allows you to have an overall class review with Google Docs linked. What about a project that has the students search websites for information? Use Live Binder to create the cover sheet with instructions, then link to the following webpages so students don’t have to find them/open new tabs in the browser.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 9.34.05 AM
My Logged In Live Binder Home, notice two are private and two are public
Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 9.34.40 AM
Public LiveBinder – notice the tabs across the top

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