January 26th – Mac Color Picker

Today really isn’t fair, but I want to use you some of the cool features on a Mac that can be very helpful. Full disclosure – I am color blind. In an effort to avoid more conservations about it, here are my general responses: I can’t see shades and I see only about a fourth of the color spectrum “normal” people see (or I’ve been told).

January 26th – Digital Color Meter

Just because I’m color blind doesn’t mean I can’t work with color.  I just need someone to be very exact in what they want, then I can find ways to reproduce what they need.  A helpful tool (only available on a Mac, I believe) is the “Digital Color Meter” (I hear trumpets when I read that – I don’t know about you).  This simple tool allows me to place my cursor over a color and get it’s properties (via RGB) so I can use it in other places (HTML, Processing, anywhere that accepts those values).  I don’t know if it’s of great use, but very helpful for me!

To find and open on a Mac, Finder > Utilities > Digital Color Meter (I haven’t moved it from the default place).  Warning: once you open it, you’ll be playing for hours!

Digital Color Meter
Digital Color Meter Tool

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