January 29th – Piazza

As a lot of schools (at least in my area) have a Google Apps for Education domain, they can use (and do) Google Classroom (which I’ll talk about later).  The limiting thing about Google Classroom is they need to be in the domain so it might be difficult to get that figured out and connected for new teachers.  If you are in that situation, you might want to look at Piazza instead.

January 29th – Piazza

Piazza gets its name from the piazzas (town squares) popular in Italy and Rome, which people would come around to share ideas and discuss.  Piazza allows the same thing in a digital form.  Anyone can get an account and then join a number of groups or classes with that same login.  The site is built to have an instructor, but also crowd source information and answers to questions. It gives real time stats about who is answering questions and how quickly it is before your potential question is answered.

For high schoolers, this can be a great game to encourage use and “see who can post the correct answer the fastest”.  As the instructor you can endorse correct answers, encouraging the students to be there own knowledge base and seek out answers on their own.

There are a dozen other great features within Piazza, but like any application, you have to get in an explore it first!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.27.49 AM
Piazza Home Page taken January 31st



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