February 4th – Tinyurl.com

When I first came to NYC and started teaching in an elementary school on the Upper East Side, I realized really quick that URL’s can be the bane of your existence as a teacher.  You have a really great website with activities that will help your students, but it’s got a ridiculously long URL (uniform resource locator or web address) and no way students are going to be able to type that in.  In the days before Google Classroom, we really didn’t have a choice – we had to post it OR create a Google Site (or other webpage) to post is, and then it was getting them to THAT one.  Fear not – there is an easier way.

February 4th – Tinyurl

As students struggle with the 73 character URL’s my first day, I needed a better way and quickly found Tinyurl.com.  Tinyurl is a simple URL shortener so that 72 character URL turns into tinyurl.com/thisiseasier (not a real site… I think).

To use:
1.) Copy the URL you want to shorten
2.) Paste into the website in the “Enter a long URL to make tiny:” box
3.) Click “Make TinyURL!”
*Optional* 4.) Create a custom alias/URL.  I do this for all my classes with some sort of naming convention, like the name of the school, the class and year/semester.  I find that this is easier for students to remember.

tinyurl taken Feb 3
Tinyurl.com Home Page taken February 3rd

Tinyurl.com is simple and easy – plus “tinyurl” is easier to remember than a few other services out there (that we’ll talk about in the next few days).  But stay tuned and after I’ve introduced four, pick which works best for you!


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