February 5th – Bit.ly

Yesterday I wrote about Tinyurl, a simple URL (uniform resource locator or web address) website that allows you to take a long url and make it smaller, even with a custom alias so it’s easy to remember.  The next 3 post are about different types of URL shorteners that all have different purposes so hopefully you’ll find the best one for you!

February 5th – Bit.ly

Bit.ly is another major player in the URL shortener world.  The major benefit over Tinyurl.com is that you can sign up (for free) and track the number of clicks your bit.ly gets.  This means you can collect data on what your students are selecting/interested in and that changes the game.

Create a website for your class and offer links to three different books – track the number of clicks and the students have self-selected that book based on them clicking after reading a short summary.  I use bit.ly to track how many students are clicking on the presentation and the screencast I make to go along with them.  This is great data when students are constantly reviewing a video from a subject – most likely they don’t understand it and that is something that’s invaluable in the classroom.

Bit.ly can also create custom URL’s, the problem I’ve found is the bit.ly vs bitly.com confusion that students have.  I usually used bit.ly as a link on a page where the students are clicking on a word, rather than typing it in.

bit.ly taken Feb 3
Bit.ly Home Page taken February 3rd

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