February 6th – ShoutKey

The past two post have been about URL shorteners… get ready for a 3rd!

February 6th – Shoutkey

I love getting together with tech geeks – you learn so much.  You’ve always got your bag or tricks and someone else at the table has similar tricks with different ways of getting there.  Ironically it’s almost always a sharing of ideas and each other takes one another’s and everybody wins!  Shoutkey.com is just that.

Shoutkey is another shortener but you can’t customize – instead it gives you a real life word that students can type in.  Shoutkey also expires after 24 hours so it’s quick and easy.  The unexpected benefit to Shoutkey is the word invoke conversation and inquiry into what they are sometimes – this is great as students are making connections to other things in the class.

Shoutkey.com taken Feb 3
Shoutkey Home Page taken February 3rd

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