February 7th – Goo.gl

Today is the final day talking about URL shorteners (although I might have one more in store).  So far we’ve seen TinyURL which is easy to remember, bit.ly which you can track students clicks, Shoutkey which is only up for a few hours but with real words and finally we come to Goo.gl, Google’s take on a URL shortener.

February 7th – Goo.gl

Once logged into your Google account, you have access to all sorts of services provided by Google.  Goo.gl is just another cleaver one to help you out.  Once logged in, you can visit goo.gl and see the same screen you’ve see with the other shorteners – paste your URL here to shorten it.  Goo.gl keeps track of your clicks and then if you select the “Details” it will show you more information about where the clicks were coming from and what devices were being used.  The biggest setback for Goo.gl that bit.ly and TinyURL offer? The ability to customize the URL alias, but you can get around that with linking existing words instead of just posting the http://.

Goo.gl taken Feb 3
Goo.gl Home Page with My Account
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.13.50 AM
Goo.gl on the Details screen with more information if you could scroll down


In conclusion for the 4 services listed, you just have to find the one you are comfortable with and that makes sense to you.


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