February 8th – Google Tone

Bonus Day!  I really like this next tool, it just seems to “cutesy” rather than practical.  Read that as a challenge for anyone to employ it in their classroom!

February 8th – Google Tone

TinyURL, Bit.ly, Shoutkey and Goo.gl all are easy and involve the students just typing a few characters – but what if they didn’t have to type at all?  Google Tone answers that question beautifully with a tone sent from your computer that other computers (with the Google Tone extension enabled) can hear and visit that website.  Just imagine, starting a class and being able to send out a tone that all the laptops would “hear” and give students the option to visit that website – that hits all the right notes! (ugh) Play me that Tune? That’s pretty (A) sharp?  Forget it…

Google Tone taken Feb 5 for feb 8
Google Tone Chrome Extension Page taken February 5th



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