February 10th – RefMe

Today I’ll introduce you to a tool that will change your students life.  I’m torn because there is something to be said for learning how to format and proper citations, but I get frustrated when people aren’t focused on your words, just the misplaced period or end parentheses.  Now full disclosure, I’m married to a PhD in English Education and she might have a very different view BUT I’m throwing this out there…

February 10th – RefMe App and Chrome Extension

After years with my A Writers Guide Reference and hours on the OWL Purdue Website modern technology has finally caught up with the times.  Citation and Bibliographies are of course an essential part of any paper and even Computer Science teachers want to know where you get your ideas, but I want you to spend a majority of your time on your paper and not figuring out what font to use, what spacing is right and if a period goes after the “pg” in an in-text citation.  In steps RefMe a quick and easy way to generate citations of that “last minute book you found, but don’t have time to put it in because it would take too long to figure out the formatting” – or maybe that’s just me.

RefMe Home Page taken February 9th

I stumbled upon RefMe as I was looking into QR Codes (a later post) and how computers/scanners read barcodes (another later post).  The barcodes were obviously used by someone so I felt there was a way to access them, plus I could generate them so there must be a database somewhere.  Sure enough, in the App Store for my iPhone I found RefMe and thought it was brilliant.  The app was great to scan books and instantly get information on it – but then the automatic sync with your account to access on the computer AND the Chrome Extension to instantly cite websites put it over the top for me.

RefMe App
RefMe App on my iPhone
RefMe Web
My RefMe account with 2 projects and changing the format. Then visiting a website to use the Chrome Extension.

Also being married to a English teacher, I know that there are many other competing sites, but the look and ease of RefMe is why I keep coming back.



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