February 11th – Poll Everywhere

In the world of Computer Science, data is what drives everything.  Without data as input, the program wouldn’t run and nothing would happen.  Even the simple data of pressing a button drives a program to complete a task through cause and effect.

Data also drives teaching.  Simple assessments can inform teachers if the students are truly understanding the subject matter WAY before they bomb the unit test and you realize you are stuck between review and moving forward to that state test.  Assessment can be informal as you are walking the room and looking over shoulders, stopping at struggling students OR formal with a piece of paper in front of them of a Google Form (look for a later “A Week With..” series).  Assessments can also be formative, showing an understanding at each stage of the project OR summative to show a collective understanding how all of these parts fit together. Poll Everywhere is a great snapshot to see where your classes are, falling on the informal and formative section.

February 11th – PollEverywhere.com or PollEv.com

With the availability of devices in the classroom, whether it be a Chromebook or cell phone, students can be more distracted.  I typically tell people to take those distractions and turn them into a teaching tool.  PollEv.com is a website that can do just that, students using those devices to log into a quiz/poll/online survey so you can get a good grasp of their understanding of the topic at hand.  PollEverywhere.com is very easy to setup and can be accessed from phone or web. Once you’ve setup an account, simply visit the polleverywhere.com site, and click on the plus sign in the top left corner.  Create your question (select a type) and then make another!  You can “group” the questions together and the free plan allows students to easily answer and you can get a snapshot.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.19.26 AM
PollEv.com Home Page taken February 11th – this is were students login.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.29.49 AM
PollEverywhere.com Home Page taken February 11th – where a teacher signs up
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.29.40 AM
Teachers Dashboard on PollEverywhere taken February 11th – I have three “groups” on this account

The only downfall is you can’t see an individual students score unless you pay for the app. I have not, I have other apps that I use to rather students data (like Kahoot, coming as a post soon!)


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