February 12th – EdPuzzle

For me, missing a class is the worst.  I spend time writing up detailed lesson plans and never get a substitute that knows my content area (either Theater or Computer Science) and it turns into a wasted day.  The past two years I’ve gotten better about using screencasts to record my lessons, then posting it for students (they have access to laptops and I tell them to bring headphones) on Google Sites or Google Classroom (both post coming soon!) – the issue with screencast is that I don’t know if they are watching/actually paying attention/learning anything!  If only there was a way to embed quizzes inside a video…

February 12th – EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle is a brilliant way to “not miss a day”.  Basically it allows you to embed a quiz, a voice track or add in additional materials to existing videos (from Youtube, their own EdPuzzle collection or other video services) all in the name of education!  Once you sign up for an account (here), you can create a class, import a class from Google Classroom or just select a video and start!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.34.40 AM
EdPuzzle Home Page taken February 11th

Once you’ve selected a video you can edit it by cropping, adding a voice track, adding audio and/or adding a quiz.  Since this would be a very long gif or a long series of screenshots, I’ve included a 3 minute screencast of it’s features here.  As I say in the video, try some other teachers EdPuzzle’s first to see how people are using them and enjoy never “missing” a class again!

EdPuzzle Home Page
EdPuzzle Content Page taken February 11th

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