February 16th – A Week With Google Drive Day 2

Previously on our “A Week With..” series we discussed organizing Google Drive, I’ve found it’s hard for people to dive into a product without knowing its true capabilities.  Now that we’ve gotten the organization of what’s in there done – what about adding new files?

February 16th – “A Week With…” Google Drive

Google Drive creates a strange riff between organizations, those who share Google Docs and those who don’t.  People seem to understand the power of a “living” document that can be changed by multiple collaborators or stick with what they are used to, emailing the same document back and forth and cleverly renaming it with v2, v3, v4 etc…

When those who share Google Docs share with those who don’t (if I was more clever I’d rewrite the Butter Battle Book with this concept…) it creates some confusion because suddenly passive aggressive emails are sent around about it being in your “Shared with Me” folder.   Have no fear, folder organization is here!

On the top of any Google Doc (Slide and Sheets too) there is a small folder icon next to your title, once you click on that, it will help you select a location to put that document in (perhaps one of the newly created folders from last session?)  Once placed in the folder, you are organized and know where the document is, you know, the one everyone else is still emailing about…

Organize within Google Docs
Clicking on Folder icon to move a “Shared with Me” document to its rightful place.

Quick note, you can do this from your “Shared with Me” folder OR when you open the email from the person who shared the document with you – both have this functionality.


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