February 17th – A Week With Google Drive Day 3

Since we covered organization and then more organization from Google Docs we are ready to start looking at how we import files and we can do this in two different ways.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Google Drive is a Cloud storage system which you can store Microsoft Word documents, or Apple Pages documents or really anything – BUT Google Docs are something you can store AND edit.  This post will help you upload and change documents to make them editable.

February 17th – “A Week With”… Google Drive

When we’ve organized everything that people have shared with us, the next step is putting our existing files into “the cloud”.  This means we can do it 2 ways, and I’m going to suggest you do it both ways.

The scenario: you’ve been teaching for a number of years and have worked out a system with your 100+ Microsoft Word documents, but now the district/school wants you to work with Google Drive and you see the benefit, but what to do with the Word docs you have?  My suggestion is to upload the original, and then upload an additional editable copy – just to cover the hard work you’ve done.

Before you upload you can select how the file will be uploaded – either as is (native file format) or editable within Google Drive.  To select how you want to upload: click on the gear and then “Settings” and click on the box next to “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format”.

Convert Files on Upload
Click on the Gear and Settings to either Convert the Documents automatically or not.

You can upload two different ways:
1.) Click on the red “New” button and select file upload.
2.) If you are using Google Chrome, you can drag the file directly on the folder you want to put it into.

Upload Docs to Google Drive
Uploading using the “New” button. (Not pictured: the drop and drag method to uploading)

Try to do this in batches, so that you are uploading all the originals in the original format, and then as editable (in two different titled folders of course).


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