February 18th – A Week With Google Drive Day 4

Continuing in our “A Week With…” Google Drive series we revisit a fantastic trick that Google Drive does.  January 9th I wrote about a great little trick to convert PDF and JPG’s to text, but it was somewhat out of context. I was more just excited about the skill and now, in our week of Google Drive, it seems like a better place to insert the skill again.

February 18th –  “A Week With…” Google Drive

Google is constantly trying to improve upon its existing products.  They purchase new technologies from other companies and incorporate it into their own holding company (now called “Alphabet”) and seem to have their hands in just about anything and everything.  Google also uses existing technologies in other ways, one being Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the words in a page and place them into a editable Google Doc.

PDF to Google Doc
Converting Code.org Document on State Models to Expand CS to editable Google Doc

This is incredibly helpful when you find some great resource online and need the text – and although you can split-screen it and type up those 5 paragraphs, using this technology instead will be so much more efficient and save time, which no teacher truly has on their hands.



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