February 20th – A Week With Google Drive Day 6

Now that we’ve organized our Drive, imported files and been able to convert those PDFs and images into editable documents, and even created a few new mind maps, HTML documents and a pixel image or two (wow, you must be exhausted!) let’s focus on how we can share this with the world! Much like how your co-worker kept sharing files with you, you can do the same – but remember the experience and think about what would be best and least annoying for them to get a hold of important documents.

February 20th – “A Week With…” Google Drive (Sharing Files and Folders)

The great thing about Google Drive is the ability to share with students and co-workers, but like anything on the computer (or in Computer Science) we want to use it efficiently not not recreate the same mess we’d be handing them in real life. Sharing a half dozen documents is a pain, and giving them to the other user one at a time is like handing them a single piece of paper, walking out of the room and then walking right back in. It’s not helpful for anyone.

The ability to share a single document is great a easy – but what about when you need to give them a digital “packet” of material? This is where sharing a folder comes in handy.

In a Google Doc (Slides, Sheets, Drawing, etc…) you can easily scroll to the top right hand corner and click on the “Share” button to type in a email address of a co-worker or student.  But this is no different than handing out a single document, and looking around most high school classrooms there is a place for “extra handouts” or “missing classwork” that are sitting there available for students – why not create that digitally for all students?

The beauty of the digital folder share is that it doesn’t have to be finished when you share it – simply share on the first day, and make the URL available on a website (or using one of the URL shorteners) that students can visit to get more resources (again putting the learning in their hands!).

Simply select the Folder you want to share, find the “person +” button and type in the names OR better yet, type in the contact list you created for the class on day 1.  Using Google Classroom?  Make the folder available for everyone and post under the “About” tab on the Google Classroom under the “Resources” area.

Sharing a Folder
Selecting a folder, then sharing it with either the “world” or individual people.




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