February 21st – A Week With Google Drive Day 7

Now that you are comfortable with sharing folders and files from Google Drive, now you can take it a step further.  You can use Google Drive folders to host websites!

February 21st – “A Week With…” Google Drive

Google Drive can be pretty amazing – but one thing that isn’t easy to work with is hosting something from a Google Drive.  Websites and pictures need a place online to refer back to if they want to be seen.  Within Google Drive you can share a file or folder, why not a website?  Now you can!

A few steps:
1.) Create a folder and set sharing permissions to “Public on the Web”

Creating a Folder for Hosting
Creating a Folder by “right clicking”
Sharing for Hosting
Sharing Folder to “Public on the Web”

2.) Copy files to host (.html, .css, .js) into the folder and grab the folder Key.  It can be located in the URL after “/folder/”.

Getting Folder Key
Copying the URL after “/folders/” as the Folder Key and visiting Googledrive.com/host/

3.) Visit googledrive.com/host/ and paste the folder key after the “/host/” part.  Voila! Its a hosted site!  The first site will be hosted files – you could’ve put another “/index.html” after the folder key to go directly to the index.html file.



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