February 22nd – Code School and Google Drive

“A Week With…” Google Drive bonus post!  This one is more an “add-on” that take a little extra effort.  My love of Computer Science has taken me far and wide on the Internet.  I find articles, curriculums and academies and actually spend a majority of my time checking them out (my “cool high school 18 year old self” would be ashamed).  One that is great, but comes with a cost for the “regular courses”, is CodeSchool.com.  Codeschool.com will be reviewed in a later post, but they have a free course on Google Drive that is worth checking out.

February 22nd – “A Week With…” Google Drive + CodeSchool.com

CodeSchool.com is a excellent website to teach you basic skills in different programming languages – I’ve taken the JavaScript course and it was great, easy to follow instructions, videos to guide you before each set of exercises and then some challenging stuff that you really had to think about.  The downside?  It’s $30 month, which isn’t bad by any means, but I ended up beating myself up when I didn’t use it as often as I wanted to (you know, other “life” stuff getting in the way).  Fortunately CodeSchool also offers some free courses as well, and Google Drive is one of them.  Just visit CodeSchool Google Drive API Course and follow along to the 10 lessons they give you to work through.  By the end you’ll feel like a rock star and hopefully seek out a few more CodeSchool free courses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.12.48 AM
CodeSchool Google Drive Elective API Course Home Page screenshot taken February 22nd



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