February 25th – Google Docs Formatting Paintbrush

“A Week With…” Google Docs went by in January and today I realized I forgot to talk about one of my favorite features!

February 25th – Google Docs Formatting Paintbrush

Without explanation, one day a rolling paintbrush showed up in the menu bar next to the Print, Undo and Redo buttons – just to the left of the 100%.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.31.54 PM
Just look at the little guy
I never paid much attention because I never Print and typically use all of my keyboard shortcuts for the printing  (Cmmd + P on Mac) and undo (Cmmd + Z) and even redo (Cmmd + Y).  One day I started to experiment and it changed my world.

I quickly found that simply highlighting a format you like, pressing the button and highlighting some other bit of text instantly formats it – amazing!  A huge time saver for me when dealing with tricky formatting options.

Formatting Paintbrush
Instant Formatting Help!

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