February 29th – Doceri

Chalk it up to poor planning, but of course the year I decide to write a blog post a day is a leap year.  However, this tool is so great maybe we squeezed an extra day into the year just to do it (or maybe it actually takes 365.24 days to orbit the sun and after a four year cycle it amounts to an entire day).

February 29th – Doceri

An old adage for new teachers used to imply that you should make friends with the custodians first, because they will help in keeping your room tiding – I completely agree, and maybe not for room tidiness but to be a decent human being.  But if you are making friends for your own gains – 1b should be the technology staff or the IT guy.  With a lot of programs you can find online and don’t need any installation, but when you do they can be backed up.  No matter your level, remember the multiple levels the technology department is working with on a daily basis and be kind in your needs and demands.  Doceri is a program which you’ll need to have installed on a laptop so grab a box of pastries and take a coffee order to get this useful tool installed on your laptop to open up your entire classroom.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.30.08 AM
Doceri Home Page taken February 29th

Doceri is a simple connections between an iPad and your laptop.  An app runs on the computer and iPad and they talk to each other and the iPad mirrors the laptop and you can control.  Seems simple but now this tool allows you to walk around and work the room (constantly changing the “zones” students are in with less distance from you and off-task behavior) and even have the students interact with a board that might not be a SMARTBoard or have writing capabilities. Doceri can also  record your screen, has a dozen options to write on it and project to the board and even solves the issues of incompatible software on one device to the next – just control the original!

In my previous school everyone wanted Interactive boards but didn’t want to give up the wall space for a SMARTBoard, we purchased a brand that used a bluetooth pen, but it became a pain to connect and re-connect and some teachers just struggled with the concept.  iPad’s can be such a great tool for the classroom and I started trainings on productive uses, but also included the Doceri software on the teachers desktop/laptop and the teachers loved it.  There is a 30 day free trial, so check it out today!


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