March 3rd – MindMaps

A big part of Algorithms is breaking down how you do something and putting it into steps.  People often create flow charts to assist them in figuring out the parts of the whole or how parts relate to one another.  In elementary school I remember “brainstorming” and writing everything down and trying to make connections.  In this modern age, we have computers that can do it for us!

March 3rd – Mind Maps

This is another general post on a concept with a few example programs – again you’ll need to play with the product and find what works for you!  All of the following are through Google Drive which it uses to store your mindmaps and gives you the ability to share with others.


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Meisterlabs created a simple mindmap which is very similar to others – you start with a “main idea” and build off of it.  The Pro’s – Easy to use and share with others.  The Con’s – Only 3 maps at a time on the free account.


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Coggle is very similar to Meisterlabs, with a even simpler interface. The Pro’s: Unlimited MindMaps.  The Con’s: A little strange to navigate (for me at least).


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MindMup is another Mind Mapping program, only this just went through an upgrade to 2.0.  Looks great and seems to have the same features as Google Drive (sharing and organizing from the document itself). The Pro’s: Version 2.0 means they have someone who cares about the product and actively making improvements. The Con’s: Version 2.0 is new so I’m sure there are some kinks to work out.

There are a dozen more out there, I’ve worked with Mindmap from (click here to go straight to the Google Drive app – if installed) and Mindomo, and you just have to install them through Google Drive and give it a go.  If you don’t like it, check out the gif below to remove apps from your Google Drive.

Remove Apps from Google Drive
Removing apps from Google Drive



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