March 4th – Symbaloo

Looking back to the beginning of February, I discussed URL Shorteners and there are a bunch to choose from.  Now they are great for a single URL, but what about when you have a bunch of links you want to give access to?  In comes Symbaloo as a simple graphic way of displaying links for students to click on.

March 4th – Symbaloo

Symbaloo has been a life saver in the elementary school I work at.  Our Director of Technology introduced me to it and created a robust one for all of the websites the classrooms use.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.50.54 AM
My Symbaloo with former classes, popular links and current links.

Symbaloo simply makes a grid and uses the logo of the website to create tiles to fill it in – but you can also give it a separate name – in case you want your students to go to Lightbot on March 4th, you can name in March 4th and the students know the plan for the day!

This has been a great help because just like the URL shorteners, teachers everywhere are finding how difficult it can be for students of all ages to type in these loooonnnnggg URL addresses.


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