March 5th –

Ah Saturday – a chance to kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee at home.  Although it’s the weekend the learning doesn’t have to stop! In earlier post I’ve talked about the “coding academies” that “teach” people to code through exercises and videos for skills, but the academies don’t stop at coding.  In academics these new online open courses are called “MOOC” for Massive Open Online Course and they are growing – one of the originals I heard about was which I recently joined and really like.

March 5th –

Information is growing exponentially – most experts will tell you we are creating more information than we can store right now so it’s impossible to know everything.  But with that, it is very likely that a skill you want to learn is available in a MOOC or has a YouTube video somewhere about it. is an excellent MOOC that is vetted with talented instructors and a smart setup.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. is a pay per month (or yearly subscription service) that allows you access to their entire library.  They have dozens of screencast on everything from music to programming to how to make a screencast (seriously – it’s very meta).  As you can see from the screen shots above, it’s got 12 categories and seemingly hundreds of videos in each.  They have a free trial for 10 days which is well worth it if you’ve got some spare time, then different plans based on pricing for the year (month to month options and then a premium version that allows downloads).

So sign up, log in, grab that cup of coffee and enjoy a learning experience in the 21st century!


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