March 6th – Boomerang

Managing an email inbox can be a bigger chore.  Are you the type that like to have “0” unread messages or do you let them pile up?  Do you use the labels and folders in Gmail obsessively? or do you have one inbox and have memorized the search commands to easily find that email you sent (from:me) to a co-worker ( 3 weeks ago (before:2016/01/01).  A nice little add-on for Gmail is called Boomerang and it just might change your life.

March 6th – Boomerang

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are sitting down to do some work – knowing that your coworker doesn’t check emails on the weekends (what a gig he must have) you type out a long email and then save to drafts to send later.  You might set an alarm on your phone, but most likely you think “I’ll remember” but when Monday morning comes around you open your email and there are a dozen messages from people late last night and by the time 11am rolls around you still haven’t sent that original email.  Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule emails, have emails pop back up at selected times and returns to you if the other person didn’t open it in a certain amount of time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.05.11 AM
Boomerang for Gmail Home Page taken March 5th

The Boomerang team has made a dozen or more screencast on how to use their product and walkthroughs of all the features.  Also after a brief Google search I found a few more.  If this all sounds a little creepy and “big brother-y” it is, but it’s also the power of computers and what we can do with them.  “With great power comes great responsibility” or something like that.


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