March 7th – SketchUp

Sometimes we fail students.  We never mean to, but students might just not be interested in what we are saying.  It’s the fact of being a human.  However, stretching yourself out as a teacher and creating projects that give a range to grab more students can be very beneficial for you and for them.  You see the different side of a student that might struggle as a writer, but can edit film (and is really good at it).  A student that just doesn’t understand the math concept, but can build a website of resources on that concept (and they might absorb some information as well).  Instead of a history paper, maybe a student creates a 3D representation of a castle and explains the parts and reasons for those advancements…  This last example leads me to todays topic, Sketchup.

March 7th – SketchUp

SketchUp was originally a product of @Last Software from Boulder, Colorado in 1999, but in 2005 it was purchased by Google and really took off.  As a free 3D drawing program, it is powerful enough not to get bored with and learn the basics before stepping up to an AutoCAD type program.  It is now owned by Trimble and offers two versions, the Pro and Make versions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.10.42 AM
SketchUp Home Page taken March 7th

Both versions are free to download and the Make version is free to use with limitations only at the very top end.  There are plenty of tutorials online about how to use the basic features of the program, and I’ve created one below after just meeting with a student how wanted to use the program (the tutorial isn’t for him, just a 6 minute video of possibilities).

SketchUp 6 min for March 7th from Brad Ashley on Vimeo.

Take a chance and offer these alternatives to students for projects.  There are plenty of resources online and “casting a wider net will always catch more fish” er… students interest!



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