March 8th – Medium Article

Today feels like cheating – but it’s a great article so I’m passing it on.  Medium is a great online publishing magazine and I subscribe to the daily digest and usually end up reading one or two.  Since my job is to introduce Computer Science to students, this article really hit home for me.  Enjoy!

March 8th – Medium Article

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How To Code by Cecily Carver is a great meta piece about coding in 2016.  People have developed these skills in different ways for decades and unlike English, Math or other subjects – there is not a lot of formal education to create a basic knowledge base for everyone to have.  A lot of the things in this article are the exact conversations I find myself having everyday.  So read on, and remember these as you are programming your first thing (the second and third times too).

***Caution: Has a few “naughty” words – but we’re all adults here… right?***



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