March 9th –

Student voice is incredibly important in todays classroom.  As society shifts, the classroom culture can’t help but change because your students will be different coming in.  Personally, I’ve seen the shift from “do as your told” to “please do this for mommy” when you’re at the end of your rope.  Students believe that their voice is important and it is, but teaching them at a young age how to use that voice responsibly is the next great challenge (yes I’m referring to Facebook and Snapchat post).

March 9th – is a safe way to control who sees your post and allows students to use a traditional blog Content Management System (CMS) so that what they post is slightly changed in the final product to sit in line with formatting.  There are much bigger conversations to have with students about voice online and who they project themselves to be, but this easy safe platform is a great start.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.05.16 AM Home Page taken March 8th

The downside to it is the 30 day trial, but for $36 a year for subscription services, it’s well worth the investment. Once you setup your free trial, there is a quick 3 minute video on how to navigate the site and how students can post.  There are other options and ways out there but I wanted to just explore everything to find Pros and Cons of each!  If anyone employs this in their classroom, let me know how its going in the comments below!


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