March 11th – Thimble

The Internet can be very powerful.  If we are being honest with ourselves, it is the greatest source of information for young people today.  Wikipedia and YouTube seem to be the most visited sites, then students will “Google It” to find out more.  There is a lot of teaching into vetting resources and being able to discern good from bad when you are dealing with the Internet and the information posted.  A lot of great organizations are involved in teaching our children about Internet safety (like Common Sense Media) but I have found that even at Grades 4 and 5, students have the ability to create a basic HTML site, and often that leads to great conversations about “if you can create a website, so can everyone else, so think about what is being posted!”

January 6th I wrote about the power of HTML and how it is a new skill that everyone should learn.  February 21st I wrote about a cool hack to use Google Drive as a host for websites.  Today I’ll introduce you to a great product from Mozilla, the makers of Firefox.

March 11th – Thimble

Mozilla makes some really solid Internet awareness stuff (I’ll talk about a few of those later) – but with them being involved in Web Browsers and Internet Safety, they make a really powerful Web Editor as well.  Thimble is free to use and has the ability to use Javascript and CSS in your basic HTML file to add some style and interactivity.  Thimble is simple, easy to use and has some great examples.  Using as a guide, you can do some great stuff and just like on January 6th – teach yourself a new skill and allow your students to express themselves in a brand new way!

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