March 12th – A Week With Google Slides Day 1

Today we start another “A Week With…” series, this time with Google Slides.  Google Slides is an answer to Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote, but I feel the program most closely relates to Powerpoint.  Like the other “A Week With…” series, I’m going to assume that people know the basics of the product and share a few things that I believe are helpful about it.

March 12th – “A Week With…” Google Slides

Google Slides is a simple presentation program, and we’ve seen these before.  They have themes and slide templates, the standard bolditalicsunderline and can adjust your text anyway you want. The real power of Google Slides is the ability to share and collaborate.  Before Google Slides went mainstream, I would create a PowerPoint of my lesson, save as a PDF and upload it for students to then download.  If I made a mistake, then process would start all over, if the students had questions/resources/clarifying points, I’d be making notes to myself to go back and fix the existing PowerPoint, then save as a PDF, THEN upload it and remove the “wrong” one.  Google Slides walked in and rocked my world.  Now I’m able to create a presentation, share the link and it’s a living document.  I can make changes on the fly, add videos as quick links and even give students editing rights and they can add resources.  In my facilitation life I always use a Google Slides presentations and always get positive feedback as an additional resource.  The multiple ways you can share a Google Slides presentation gives people the multiple levels of interactivity.

Share Presentation
Sharing settings on Google Slides – I then created a Google Shortened URL for people to access this document

You have two sets of options and options within those.  The main thing to think about is who can/should see this presentation?  In a school setting you’ll probably have the option of “Anyone in the Domain” or “Public on the Web”.  Pick “Public on the web” if you want parents access so they can see what their student is learning/responsible for, otherwise within the domain is probably ok.

The other option is for students to “View” or “Edit” – if this is a presentation you are teaching off of, share it as a “View”, but if you want the class to collaborate on one Slides presentation, pick “Edit” and assign a student to each slide and watch how they suddenly are working on the presentation and everyone has a voice!  If anyone tries to mess with someone else’s slide?  Pull out the “Revision History” to show you can see what students are doing.

If this is all very scary for you, find another teacher and share a slides presentation with them – see how it flows so you can be aware of what students are doing in class.  This way multiple people can grow!


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