March 13th – A Week With Google Slides Day 2

As we continue in the “A Week With Series…” with Google Slides, I’m going to discuss a tool that isn’t specific to Slides, but has the capability in all presentation programs.  Not only that, but this tool can teach students about website design and help them to organize and storyboard a website for themselves (and for you if you can’t start HTML right now!)

March 13th – “A Week With…” Google Slides

7 years ago, as I was teaching elementary school, I wanted to teach them about HTML, but never found they had the attention spans, nor was it the right time.  The iPhone had just come out so websites were part of our everyday life, but not in our hands constantly.  Plus I had only had these students for a year or two so I didn’t know what their tech skills were.  I jumped into TextEdit on the Mac and talked about brackets and opening and closing, correct line spacing and hyperlinks – the kids loved it, but when it came time to do it, they struggled.  Again, there were a lot of factors so I stepped back and decided to look at a tool that they knew, PowerPoint, and how we could use hyperlinks to teach website design.

In every product available you can select (or highlight) a word or phrase and create a hyperlink to another page (and in another “A Week With…” series we could do that within Google Docs), but it doesn’t feel like anything is changing.  With presentation programs you feel like things are shifting because you are jumping to a new slide with new information.

Hyperlinks in Google Slides
Links within Google Slides

To create a link within your presentation, simply select (or highlight) the word and create a hyperlink like you normally would, but notice the “Slides in this Presentation” option.  You can select the next slide, previous slide or the title of certain slides.

In my class 7 years ago, I had the students develop an “About Me” project with 3 slides about themselves, a “home page” and a landing/navigation page.  It was simple enough for the students to use the tool and helped me find a common language for when we moved on to more complicated HTML.

This is also a great tool for presentations with adults and having a “table of contents” so they can easily jump around, they’ll thank you for being prepared and know that you’ve thought about the lesson/training you’re about to deliver.


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