March 14th – A Week With Google Slides Day 3

In our “A Week With…” Google Slides series so far we’ve focused on the power to share, edit and link within the document.  These are all very collaborative stuff – but what about jazzing up the presentation itself?  A common practice among Graphic Designers is using “masking” and layering to create different looks – Google Slides can do that to!

March 14th – “A Week With…” Google Slides

Within Google Slides you can easily add images to make the presentation slightly more engaging (besides your amazing wit and writing ability) but you can take it a step further by using masks to enhance the look of each image (like a pro!).

Masks in Google Slides
Using a Mask on an image in Google Slides

Simply insert an image (Menu Bar > Insert > Image) and once you’ve selected it and pasted it, find the “crop” button (only appears if you’ve selected the image) and click on the arrow facing down to the right. Then you have the option to apply all types of different masks to the image to give it a different look.

Check back tomorrow for more image related tips and tricks!



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