March 15th – A Week With Google Slides Day 4

Yesterday in our “A Week With…” series, we looked at using masks to enliven our mundane images.  Now we can take it a step further and use masks and transparency with borders to create something that really stands out.

March 15th – ” A Week With…” Google Slides

A well placed image in a presentation gets people thinking, rather than a distraction from what is actually on the slide (hint hint High Schoolers).  The image drives the person to think deeply and make connections to what the speaker is saying, but often times the image is poor quality and just squared off.  Now that we know how to use a mask, we can change the order and transparency to really create an effect.

I’ve taken that same Google Slides presentation as in March 13th and I’ve added a background picture by inserting the image and resizing over the entire page.

Transparency and Order in Google Slides
Changing the Order and Transparency in Google Slides

In the GIF above I:
1.) Change the order of the pictures by right clicking (“two finger click” on Chromebook, Control+Click on a Mac) and selecting the order which the images are stacked
2.) Open “Image Options” to get to Transparency, Contrast and Brightness options.

I understand that you can insert a background image for the entire slide, but then I couldn’t show you the ordering effect!



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