March 16th – A Week With Google Slides Day 5

On March 15th we looked at the ordering ability within Google Slides, it’s kinda of like putting stickers on a page, but you can digitally move and change the order of the stickers!

Let’s take that a step further – when we think of the canvas that each slide has, we typically want things to be visible, but what about something more interactive with students and being able to click and drag into the viewable area?  Could be a powerful way to interact with students by thinking outside the box, or “off the canvas”.

March 16th – “A Week With…” Google Slides

As an example, I think of molecules in a Chemistry class, they have physical representations that are connected to words a number of different ways (name, molecule composition, etc…) so students will need to memorize a couple different ways to represent.  On the sample Google Slides I created below, I have 3 slides of 2 molecules each with the actual names off the canvas so in a view mode students couldn’t see – give them time to guess and work with partners, then drag the correct name onto the molecule and share the presentation with them as a study guide.

Off Canvas Work
Google Slides Off Canvas Work – also a review in Ordering

The white is the visible, as you can see on the preview slides on the left and grey is off canvas.  Also make sure you have them in the correct order – the second half of the GIF I don’t, then just need to “two finger click” to change the order.

I’ve worked with teachers to do this with vocabulary words, parts of diagrams, I’ve used it with parts of a computer – this is a lot like a SMARTBoard document, without the price of the software and hardware.  Share in the comments if you’ve used this technique and help out your fellow students!


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